I reached 1000+ contributions on GitHub
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My GitHub contributions (November 27th 2018, 15:55)

I know — this one number alone doesn’t say very much about the size of the contributions but I thought it would be a good reason to write a small resumé about my activities and projects.

What happened in the last 365 days?

Crystal RSS was being reworked and is working properly again with many new features. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/Crystal-RSS


Carbon Notes got a redesign and some new features. https://carbon-notes.de/


I worked on my microblog-system https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/microblog

I began with the development of some tools for the moderation of the MyAnimeList-Club “Darkness”. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/mal-darkness-club-tools

I wrote an image-crawler which fetches tons of images of Astolfo from a specific booru-site. The crawler also offers an API. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/astolfo.rocks

The local manga meetup group in Bayreuth, Germany got an own site. I wrote a crawler which fetches all events from Animexx and writes them into a database and a Google calendar. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/manga-treff-bayreuth


I began with the development of a Discord bot which posts a random image of Astolfo using my Astolfo-crawler API. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/astolfo-discord-bot

I wrote a Twitter application which posts a random image of Astolfo once a day using my Astolfo-crawler API. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/astolfo-twitter-poster

I wrote a web application to keep track of my owned mangas. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/manga-organizer


I extended my Laravel menu package. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/laravel-menu

I wrote a JavaScript logging package. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/js-simple-logger

I wrote a JavaScript package to generate sample text and numbers (and others). https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/loremize

I wrote a Webpack transformer for the ReactMD UI library which optimizes the imports and thus reduces the bundle size. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/webpack-react-md-import-transformer

I wrote an ESLint plugin which warns you when you’re using switch-statements. https://github.com/Kaishiyoku/eslint-plugin-no-switch-statements

I contributed code and ideas to the ReactMD project. https://github.com/mlaursen/react-md/graphs/contributors

I began to redevelop the site Strahlungswerte.dehttps://github.com/Kaishiyoku/strahlungswerte


I also worked on some other private projects. My list of owned domains also grew.

What I planned for the next 365 days

And we’ll see what else.

My profile on GitHub: https://github.com/Kaishiyoku

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